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I'm an angel bored liked hell

I'm a happy and optimistic person who doesnt give up easily. I live in a place where we've got 3 hours of sunlight during the winter and I hate it. I love the summer though, because the sun barely goes down. My biggest interests are photography, digital retouch, languages, traveling, singing, and so on.. ^^ not to forget jpop as well.
Please have a look at my photo journal. linnelisabet
Did you..?
...come here because of my JE-Wallpapers there's no use to add med as a friend unless you really want to get to know me. This journal contains NO graphics at all. All graphics are being posted at neyvaa_graphicsso go there and join to keep yourself updated.^^

Stylesheet by milou_veronica
Pi's family
uchikins is the sweet Bakanishi to my Pi. ikujinashi is my Ryo and kamen7th is the Shige in our gang.