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OK so the new NEWS pamphlet *__*
I totally LOVE the pictures!

I just had to do this! Collapse )
It's been ages since I did a photo manipulation like this and I REALLY like how it came out! *__*
What do you think?

Akanishi Troops is.. a kind of pinky-ring thingy. but yeah. I'm Pi XD

Antonia - Poke me tomorrow and you'll get the HQ one ^^


Tomorrow we're going out to dance. Emmy, Nathalie and I. I mailed the club and told them Emmy was only 19 and he said they could make an exception for her tomorrow~ ^__^ YAY~ I was exaggerating a bit in the mail saying that she was here to visit and that it turned out that she only was 19 and that we really wanted to go to their club and that we'd be five coming and.. lol. She isn't from this town so she is here to visit, I'm not lying about that.. but we're not five coming tomorrow. XD Or we might be.. but right now we're only three. :P

I watched this movie last night

I really liked it! :D :D


It's summer. And I've got proof.
it's now 12.00 (in the night)
This is the view from my window.
Just look how beautiful the light is! *_*

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And yes, but still no. It's almost the midnight sun. Almost only. It still goes "down" for 3 hours, but this is "down". <3
Jin green


I got inspired and since I bought a new mic to the computer I wanted to try it out.
Pardon for my japanese, I hope it'll be OK. I've never taken a japanese class in my whole life so it might say it wrong.(I still keep on saying this even though I've singed in japanese for about a year now xD) But, it's fun to sing and I hope you'll like it!

It's the song "Care" by Akanishi Jin.
Piano is from Manon!(manonpikamishi) THANKS A LOT!

Comments are always welcomed^^

This is SICK!

I searched for "Silverchair" as an interest here at lj. What do I find?
A fucking thinspiraion community!
thinspiration is imo something sick. It's not healthy in any way and that there is a community about that really makes me upset!!! Encouraing each other to loose weight and to become thin is.. no.no. And I mean their standards are sick. I flagged the community as inapropriate. Cause it is. Those sites shouldn't exist. and certanily not HERE at lj.
This is their userpic:

I mean.. yeah. You all see what I mean.
They have silverchair as a interest just because Johns wrote a song about his anorexia.

"A community for those who think the thinspirations in other groups need to shed a few pounds ;)
In addition to that this community is not pro nor anti eating disorder"


I don't really know how the flagging thingy works (i've never flagged anything before), but if lots of people flag it they should react, no?
0h_beautiful (another one, with lots of pictures for "inspiration")
Flag them please. (If that helps us getting rid of these communities supporting weight loss and eating disorders.)

I'm really upset about things like this!
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Basic accounts!??

What happened to the basic accounts? WHY ARE THEY GONE??? TAKE THEM BACK. WE <3 BASIC ACCOUNTS
From the FAQ's:"Basic Account is an option available to accounts which were created before March 12, 2008. No account created after this date can be turned into a Basic Account."
My friend wante to go back to LJ again and create a new account. THe name she wanted as free and all.. But if she's going to be here she needs to have a PLUS account, which she doesn't want. She hates ads. she was just a day late. damn. T_T

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So just so you know. Livejournal is no longer a place where you can get a ad free journal for free.! ! !

Silverchair concert

As you may know, I've been to London. On friday night I went to see Silverchair. My favorite band. I've been waiting for years for them to come to Europe. I've wish more then once that I'd lived in Australia instead of Sweden. But finally now they're in Europe on a world tour. I can't describe how happy I was!

I don't have the setlist but I know what songs they played, so here they are in no special order.

Young Modern Station
Emotion sickness
The man who knew too much
Without you
Reflections of a sound
Those thieving birds/Strange behavious/Those thieving birds
The greatest view
Straight lines
The door
Ana's song
If you keep losing sleep

I loved Without you. Seriously. I was so happy when they played it. If I remember it right, they didn't play it on their last tour in Europe (2003). So ^__^. And Emotion sickness! Seriously, this song made me cry. (but I think the treas all ready rolled down my cheeks before that but..) I didn't knew it'd have such an impact on me. But it had. Ana's song didn't, which I thought it would. But oh well.. I really really enjoyed this show.

I promised blackblood0688 to take a lot of photos, since she couldn't go and see them when they played in the U.S. So here they are ^__^
It's super duper image heavy, so if you're on a modem, I wouldn't recommend you to look at them. Unless you really want to that is

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And Dan's voice was so cute! ! I'm not kidding, it was really cute, the way he talked and his autralian accent and.. ooh.. <33 And then before those thieving birds he told us not to record this song and put it on youtube, 'cause they always fucks it up and he didn't want it to be on youtube if that happened XDD. They didn't fuck it up though so ^__^

What more to tell.. Chris hid in the shadows too much. He was lamost always standing next to Ben, and yeah.. on some photos you can't really see him clearly.

And I really do love my camera. I used ISO 1600, shutter time 1/60 (I think can have been 1/100 sometimes as well) and automatic aperture for these photos.

My icon I'm using in this post is from the concert. The same with my new header. It's also from the concert. ^__^

I don't know how the picturese came out now, photobucket is evil with me atm. If it looks bad or I've got some double ones, I'll edit it when internet feels healthier.

It still feels really unreal. Like.. I have really seen them! Can't really believe it. Oh well. :D